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Sustainable Landscapes in Harmony with the 


Every householder with even the smallest patch of yard or garden would be aware of the contrasts that 
occur in their environment as the seasons change. Couple this natural phenomenon with the effects of 
climate change, and the need for gardens and landscaping to support the local environment has never 
been greater. The increasing use of organic materials and a reluctance to use chemicals and pesticides 
have occurred through raised awareness of the value of a clean and healthy environment. These 
concerns can all be supported through the construction of sustainable landscapes. 

Many landscaping companies profess to be experts at creating sustainable landscapes, but only Mark 
Perriman of Mark Perriman Landscapes holds a Master of Landscaping Professionals qualification. The 
company is also a Waterwise Garden specialist, an essential attribute in our climate where extremes 
swing between floods, violent storm events and long droughts. Knowing how to effectively store excess 
water during heavy rain and use it sparingly through an extended dry spell, while still having an eye- 
catching garden, is just one of the areas of expertise available to Mark's clients. 

Working with the Environment; not against it 

Sustainable landscaping combines a number of techniques that together provide the ideal environment 
for plants and wildlife in any specific location. The techniques are flexible enough to allow for the 
addition of a range of outdoor areas to enhance the enjoyment of the space for its human occupants. It 
takes note of the contours of the land, enabling water to be trapped, stored and moved around as 
needed. By using plants native to the particular location and others that can readily adapt, sustainable 
landscaping projects support local nurseries. 

When Mark Perriman Landscapes manage a sustainable landscaping project for a client, their end goal is 
to create an inviting environment that flows naturally from the dwelling. Its purpose is to draw people 
outside to enjoy the outdoor rooms, pools, pathways, water features, gardens, shade trees and other 
landscaping features. The project must also be designed and constructed to ensure that, whatever the 
season, the lawns and gardens will thrive and the outdoor areas will still be comfortable to occupy. 

A Long-Term Money Saver 

A properly constructed sustainable landscaping project will save money in the long-term through better 
use of water resources and using the correct plantings for the particular area. Plantings that are native 
to a particular area encourage wildlife into the garden, creating a small eco-system that enhances the 
enjoyment of the area. The system makes extensive use of mulching techniques to reduce evaporation 
of moisture from the soil and control weeds. 

Many home owners want a landscaped garden environment but have neither the time nor the skills to 
maintain it. This makes sustainable landscaping the ideal solution as the garden and surrounds require 

less work, time and attention. More information and quality photos of completed projects are on the 
company website at Contact Mark or one of his team for further